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Below you will see Piercing Prices, Information, and examples
Here at Konkrete Jungle, we pride ourselves in providing our customers with the
best Piercing Experience around.
We not only have an amazing, talented, experienced and knowledgeable Piercing Artist, we also supply our customers with the best quality jewelry, offer personalized service, and offer the best in newest piercing aftercare.
All that combined with our already extraordinary customer service, our piercing experience can't be beat! 
Meet Alex.  You can learn more about Alex on "The Team" page of our website.  Or come in and meet her for yourself!
Piercing Price List
Starting January 1st 2022

​All prices (except child ear piercing) INCLUDE basic Surgical Steel Implant Grade
metal jewelry.
Prices go up from there if you choose upgraded jewelry. Options will be given.



  Nostril  $50                        Eyebrow  $50                     Bridge   $100
       Navel  $60                   Lip (any)  $60               Tongue $60     
                Nipples (1)$60 (2)$100                                              Septum  $80             

         Dermals $80 each 

Ear Piercings
Cartilage   $50              Helix   $50                   Snug   $60       
Tragus   $50               Conch   $60                  Rook   $60     
            Daith  $60                Industrial  $100             Orbital  $100            
Flat $50​

Lobes       Ages 10 and Up -   $50 EACH  

Dermal Punch  $100      Surface Piercing  $100

Child Ear Piercings (Kids 6-9 Years Old)
- (2) starting at $200

This consists of children 6-9 years of age, we will no longer pierce any child under 6

The jewelry included is our Neometal Jewelry, Alex will gladly explain the benefits of this jewelry and your options! This is one of our elite jewelry companies! If you require gold or equivalent of, the cost goes up from the base price.

Your time in the back with Alex needs to be no longer than 35 minutes in order to appropriately accommodate other guests waiting.

At 30 minutes if your child has not completed both piercings you will need to regroup and wait back in line or come back another day. If this is the case you will be required to pay another set up/piercing fee since your jewelry is already sterilized.

That fee will be $50 when/if you need to come back. 

Genital Piercings
ALL Genital Piercings - $120 and up
Jacobs Ladder Starting at $200 (3 rung)

Recommended Aftercare

Piercing After Care
When bringing in your child to get a tattoo or piercing,under age 18, please be prepared to present valid information for us.
What we need:
    Valid state issued ID for BOTH parent and child. In this case, for proof, BOTH the LAST NAME and ADDRESS need to be the same on both childs and parents ID.

    If they DO NOT have matching information, we need the birth certificate of the child as well. 

    If you are under 18 and do not have a valid state issued identification, we will need some identification with your PHOTO AND NAME. (ie: school ID, yearbook, library card, etc.) AND YOUR BIRTH CERTIFICATE!!

    If you are a legally appointed guardian we need legal documentation with that information.
We now offer the Best Of The Best in Piercing Jewelry.  Neometal jewelry is machined from solid titanium (ASTM F136 6Al-4V ELI). The bezel-set gems are crimp-set, no glues are used.

Their patented "snap-together" threadless system is an effective alternative to internally-threaded jewelry and is currently in wide use by many body piercers.

Plus side to this jewelry is once you have the set, top and post, you will only ever need to purchase new tops to change out!

We are very excited about this new addition to our jewelry supply.  Come check it out!

We still supply our standard jewelry, but keep in mind the price will be increased slightly when being pierced with Neometal.  Prices differ from piece to piece so inquire within.  

Check out more piercings done with NEOMETAL
under "The Team" link above in Alex's section
Have a nostril piercing that you want to "UPGRADE"?
What's great about this jewelry is the post for Neometal is a "flat back" and will sit flush to the nostril.  
So no more corkscrew or metal posts hanging out of your nose!

Let us Upgrade you!

Alex's Piercing Hours

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday   12pm-7pm
Friday & Saturday    12pm-9pm
Cost To Remove or Change Out Jewelry -$20 Each Piece

Dermal Removal
$20 Per

Genital Jewelry Removal