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Introducing the leader of the gang known as Konkrete Jungle, say "Hi" to Chris. The man of many names also goes by Big Chris, Big Esco, The Vanilla Gorilla, King of Urban Script, Big Hungry the Buffet Assassin & The Lettering Guru aka Dave Letter-man... just to name a FEW. Originally from Columbia, Chris bounced around the state in his early years only to eventually end up back where it all started with Columbia's very first Tattoo Shop. Talk about coming full-circle. The Jungle was originally based in the hood of West Baltimore, where the team got the ball rolling and started making a name for themselves. Chris would spend endless late nights at the shop tattooing whoever came in, no matter how late it was. Now, lets rewind back even further to the days before Chris was running his own shop. An up and coming tattooer, Chris was perfecting a style of graffitti-based new-skool form of tattooing. Unfortunately for him, that style hadn't yet caught on in most shops. Therefore, Chris was turned away by most places he applied to work at. The sad thing was, as he put it "most of the people slamming the door in my face were guys who's portfolio's SUCKED". Undeterred, Chris decided to say fuck it, and make it on his own. Fast forward to the current day and it's obvious that he did in fact "Make It" as he now tattoos at and owns one of the dopest shops around. Big Hungry not only has an eye for art, but also an eye for talent as he has surrounded himself with a stable of all-star talent making Konkrete Jungle one of the best shops in the DMV. If not in the shop, you can catch Chris rolling around town in one of his OG West Coast Lowriders, showing the East Coast what it's like to hit the 3-wheel motion! 
Meet Sarah, the one and only Queen of Tattoos! This lovely lady is the glue behind the scenes that keeps Konkrete Jungle running like a well-oiled machine. On top of the million things she takes care of on a daily basis, she also manages to tattoo...and tattoo WELL!!! The beautiful bride of our very own Chris, Sarah got into tattooing by surprise. A lifelong art fan, Sarah focused her abilities on photography in the early stages. After being around Chris and watching him perfect his craft, she shocked him one day by confessing that she not only wanted to, but felt she was ready to try tattooing. Not long after that she started working on her first tattoos and has been kicking-ass ever since. When asked about that whole process, she explained that while being around the shop helping out with everything, that she was "on a 5 year apprenticeship when looking back at it". That kind of dedication shows in the perfectly crafted pieces she puts together on a daily basis. Outside of tattooing, Sarah has another passion...her Pitbull Rescue (Saving Grace). She takes the rescue just as serious as she does tattooing, and there are plenty of Pitties that are VERY thankful for that. Where she finds the time to do all she does is beyond me, but I sure am glad she makes it all happen. Having a female tattoo artist adds soo much to The Jungle. Now customers not only have their pick of great artists, but they can choose whether they want to get inked by a male or female. And trust me when I say this, Sarah can hang with any guy in the industry. We are a lucky crew to have Sarah on our team. Not every shop can say they have a completely bad-ass, super-talented "Tattoo Chick". But....WE can!!! 
Chris Peca
Shop Owner / Tattoo Artist
Sarah Peca
Shop Owner / Tattoo Artist
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Tattoo Artist

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This is James.  He is a tattoo artist in the game now for 6 years.  James started an apprenticeship at a shop in Baltimore, and since then has been perfecting his trade through being amazing!!  In tattooing and piercing both, James makes a life in the tattoo world to help him take care of his now adult son, his wife, and super loveable pup Dozer!  James loves to do traditional art and tattoos, but does just about anything!  James loves a challenge, which is why he is now focusing on the realism style of tattooing.  He is a huge part of this team and through loyalty and being a team player he will be here forever!!!  Or as he says, "We're stuck with him"!!!        Come in and meet James!
Shop Manager/Life Coach/Awesome

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Gino.  The man. The myth.  The Legend.  Gino aka GZ aka Gino Osco aka Osco the Grouch, and many more that I cant even begin to list.  This man is the front face of The Jungle.  Gino runs everything, the reception area, the phones, the appointments, and the shop as a whole.  He keeps us all in check all day, and that...we need!
Gino is new to the tattoo world when it comes to working it.  Before being our "everything" here, Gino managed many night clubs and made a name for himself there.  When that was getting intolerable, he began looking for other employment options.  Perfect timing to the tattoo world through Konkrete Jungle, as his best friends, Chris and Sarah, owners of KJKT, needed a new shop manager.  Then started his career here at the shop.  
Although he was just new to the tattoo world for employment, he was also fairly new to the tattoo world as a collector.  He got his first tattoo at 25 years old, and will only be 30 this year, so has collected all these tattoos in just 5 years.  But don't ask him how many tattoos he has, he'll tell you 6.  However, 50% of his body is covered!  2 sleeves, both feet (including toes) and his entire back including rib cage, and chest!  He's not addicted, HE'S COMMITTED!! 
Gino grew up in the city of Baltimore, which is why he's also called the Urban Cowboy.  You would never know it, he doesn't wear the cowboy boots and 10 gallon hats, but likes the music, you'd never know it by looking at him!  Doesn't mean that he doesn't listen to the typical rap music too.  Which explains the name "Urban Cowboy".
Gino has a heart of gold and will do anything for his friends and family.  Which is why he made a great addition to the Konkrete Jungle team 2 years ago. Come in and meet Gino for yourself, but chances are you have already, by coming in and speaking to him, or calling in to schedule with one of the wonderful artists here!
Piercing Artist

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In a land far, far away, there was this sweet girl named Alex.  Alex grew up on a farm with lots of pigs, horses, and chickens.  She decided after years of being a slave to the farm life, she would venture out into the world to see what else it had to offer. Sound like Cinderella?  We have found her and gave her a home here with us at The Jungle.  Just a few years ago Alex decided to start a piercing apprenticeship to learn the art or piercings and body modifications by someone with over 20 years piercing experience.  After a successful 1 year apprenticeship, Alex then worked full time as a Piercer in Frederick MD, near where she grew up, and she PERFECTED IT!!!  This girl is amazing!! nothing short of impressive for being 22 years old, and the youngest member of the Konkrete Jungle family!  In only knowing her a few minutes I knew this girl knew her stuff, but now that we've had the pleasure of being around her for a little while now, her knowledge and preciseness speaks volumes!!  She's knowledgeable in all piercings, procedures, jewelry and aftercare.  Please stop by, get some holes poked, and meet our girl Alex! 
Tattoo Artist

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As you can see by the picture he chose to represent himself, Chris, more better known as Smoot, is a character to say the least!  Because there is already a Chris here at the shop, Smoot goes by his last name and does so with pride! He has been tattooing for 8 years!  Smoot can tattoo just about anything, including color and black and grey, and especially likes tattooing pretty little flowers.  Here with the team, Smoot laughs and jokes with us all day, while making the ladies feel comfortable, and giving the guys the utmost respect and comrodery.  A real mans man!  
When he's not tattooing he is the best paper towel ripper on the East Coast, and proudly does so for his shop family.  Also when he isn't at home with his girl, and 12 kids (4 really), he can't wait to come to work to do what he loves best.  Smoot recently got a new car, and while racing every car he drives past on his way into work he loves to listen to the best of Barry White. Smoot has a strong love for dogs, especially pitbulls.  Sharing the same love for dogs as the rest of the shop, he fits in just great here! 
Stop by anytime we're here hanging out to get an ear full from the hood famous Smoot!
Tattoo Artist

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Tattoo Artist

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This is Todd Rasel, also known as Todd "The Wrastler". Todd has been tattooing for as long as our longest resident and owner, Chris.  2 whole decades and has the talent to prove it.  Todd specializes in large scale tattoos, Japanese style traditional pieces and anything skull.  But is fluent in all styles of tattooing. 
While Todd isn't tattooing he likes to spend time with his girl and kids, family is important to Todd, which is why he fits in so well with this tattoo family so well.  A few fun facts to know about Todd:
     He was the first person over 300lbs to win the NCAA dunk contest while successfully not breaking his most expensive appendage, his tattooing hand!
     Before perusing his full time career of tattooing,Todd was a nationally ranked Go Kart Champion driver, who twice defeated a drunken Dale Earnhardt at the Daytona Speedway. Well not inside, just outside in the parking lot.
      He is also a well versed Opera singer,so when you come to visit, don't ask him, but pay close attention to him while hes in the zone, headphones on and all, and you might get a little glimpse! He has been frequently referred to as the song bird of our generation.

Come by and say Hi, get something awesome tattooed and join us in being around a real legend...in his own mind!!

​Meet Maddie!! This girl is a true artist!  Shes been drawing and kicking ass at art for years now, but only tattooing for a little over a year.  In that time she has proven she deserves a spot here with the big dogs!  At only 21 she is the youngest artist here at the Jungle, including the apprentices; but makes up for it in maturity, gumption, drive and super crazy unique talent!!  Her style is very cool, a niche that has skyrocketed her career. Her "stained glass" tattoos are amazing! Along with that she excels at most other designs but loves to tattoo anything colorful, Geometric, and new school style. 

While she's not tattooing Maddie loves to spend time with her cat and her husband, and her snakes!  Not in that order!

Fun fact!  Maddie was the star in the Broadway musical Cats, which in turn started her love for cats,and musicals.  She had to leave the stage because she was allergic to the actors. Before leaving she decided to tried her hand as a River Dancer, but can't swim.
So she spread her wings and came here where we were lucky enough to snatch her up and put her to work!!
Come by and introduce yourself to Maddie and get some permanent awesomeness!